3 Sustainable Liftestyle Tweaks

The first question anyone ever asks me when finding out I train and look after people’s health for a living is “but how do I get rid of this last little bit” pointing at the lower abdominal region, usually grabbing as much as possible.
The answer really is that that isn’t the last little bit. Your body fat generally all over your body needs to shift and decrease to then get as lean as possible in the areas that most people see as the areas of significance.
This leads me onto what I generally answer with and hopefully a tactic you to can take away to put you on track to getting the weight down and more manageable at a lower body fat percentage (because that’s all it is, a lower fat percentage).

Good habits become good daily decisions!

First and foremost you need to set good habits in place to get used to having a daily nutritional intake that is not only in a calorie deficit (it will have to be below what your current calorie intake is because we’re looking to lose body fat remember) but also eating foods full of nutrients and goodness that your body can utalise to feel energetic, healthy and also sustainable. Apart from this getting more active is also of course going to help. Getting up and starting your day well (see me here getting my morning workout in) is only going to be a benefit!
Here’s three tips I say to stick to for 6 weeks and you’ll be amazed at the difference 6 weeks can make.

Be-friend a fisherman or fishmonger,

Why? Because you should be eating plenty of fish through out the week. Filled with omega 3’s which are fantastic for numerous reasons such as helping you to balance insulin sensitivity (don’t worry insulin isn’t some demon that’s suddenly made everyone fat but we do need to take note) as well as help with inflammation within the body,  and seeing as inflammation is pretty much the root cause of all disease and illness that’s definitely a good thing.
Try to get atleast 7 portions of fish per week for the next 6 weeks. I’m counting lunches and dinners as main meals so that’s 50% of your meals. The rest should be made of lean turkey and chicken and if eating red meat again limit this to 2-3 times per week, ensure its the best quality you can afford and lean as possible.

Eat Less More’ish Foods. 

Generally speaking more often than not we supplement the protein on a plate with some sort of carbohydrate food such as rice, quinoa, pasta or other grains.
Over eating on these tends to a lot of the time hike our calories up, play havoc with our cells insuline sensitivity (basically not coping and urging fat storage) and stuffing as much into our bellies as possible to digest.
A six week behaviour changing program isn’t going to fix the problem and alot of the times it’s always a great to introduce a couple of new recipes into your weekly 7 dinners (how many different meals on average do you generally eat per week?)
For the next 6 weeks try looking at your plate and reducing these foods that are so easy to over eat on with vegetables and lean protein.


12,000 Steps.

By final tip for today is the following.
NEAT In fitness jargon stands for non exercise activity thermogenesis. To put it easily across it equates to the amount of activity one is doing that increases their daily energy expenditure. Now we can look at this as general day to day fitness and health which is fantastic, but in our case we can use this to help with our main objective here which is reducing body fat in as many ways as possible.
Clients starting out on a heath and fitness journey are often asked to “get off the tube one stop earlier” or “take the stairs not the lift”. Of course these recommendations are great and if adhered to will un-doubtedly increase their daily activity how ever a lot of the time these recommendations are similar to when you injured yourself and the physio asks you to do the same exercise five times per day for the next 3 weeks, it rarely happens.
Instead use this as a target, 12,000 steps per day. Most fitness wearable tech now adays buzzes or vibrates when you’ve hit 10,000 so here’s us upping the ante.
If you don’t have a fitness wrist band most smart phones now also have a health app which will give you some rough estimates.
As always Im here to help so please do get in contact with any questions.
PS. This mornings workout was laps of the pond.. I mentioned earlier that I’m enjoying being back on my running grind. 
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