Starting with ‘I’

Adherence, adherence and more adherence are the first and foremost important things I mention to all my clients and also trainers who work for me but there is another main point that always needs to be got across when trying to achieve any sort of healthy physical change.  It sounds straight forward I know but the strategies, coaching methods and mindsets should always be around making sure you the client, get the personal training goal you’ve paid for.

Our motto at No1 Fitness is “Stop paying for gym memberships and start paying for results” and we really do believe that, check the results out, there’s not just one or two like most studios  > No1 Transformations <

For far too long we’ve been asked to pay for a membership with no guidance, no care and certainly no strategies to make sure we get to where we want to be.

Ever wondered how a mainstream gym that has 6,000 members intends to fulfill their membership if they all turned up with only 20 treadmills on the gym floor? Yeh, you get my point. They generally don’t care if you come in, let alone guide you on your path.

I could go on and rant but won’t and ultimately we all know this, the point being you can’t rely on a fancy new gym opening up next door and you getting the promotional offer of a gym membership to spur you on. There are other options to help and help being the word as they can’t do the work for you and personal training is one.

Personal training whether it is online or in person will ofcourse make a big difference as someone will hopefully be there to answer questions that may arise, but saying that though it does bring me on to the title of this blog which fundamentally is the key to all the successful changes you yourself will make in the next 6,8 or 12 weeks of training you can and will commit to – It all starts with ‘I’.

I need to be present, I need to believe in what I am trying to achieve and above everything I need to be honest, honest enough to say I’m struggling and haven’t been adherent. 

The brand message of #Iamthecompetion which I am proudly being an ambassador for from New Balance encompasses everything I have been talking about and more.

It tells you that firstly you yourself can achieve greatness, especially with how your body feels and looks, it all just starts with ‘I’.

So now after reading this write 5 sentences starting with ‘I’ that are gonna get you to a mile stone in the next 2 weeks, it doesn’t need to be big it could just be to hit the gym 6 times in the next two weeks, or ran a certain distance 4 times. You choose!

For any help or guidance contact me direct and also  check out all loads of tips and information on nutrition and training by visiting, we’d love to hear your thoughts – New Balance – You are your toughest opponent.


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