Getting your head in the game and sticking to your goals.

I talk a lot about the aspect of getting your head right and looking at setting achievable goals to stay consistent and stay on track. 

My previous blog post of ‘5 reasons why you’re NOT keeping up with your fitness goals’ touched upon the reasons generally speaking why clients and gym goers find it hard to stick to their goals. 

Going into the summer now is a great time to step your game up and use the sunnier and warmer weather to start your days right and progress day by day to achieve the end goal. 

My 5 tips mentioned before are all about creating good habits and setting these in place to make things easier and I do believe in them. I also however believe that to make these changes you need to start with yourself first. Working closely with New Balance UK you may have seen we’ve brought forward the #Iamthecompetition campaign to not only motivate people that may have fallen off the wagon but also to give the clear message that you ultimately have the responsibility to make the change to your body, health and mind.

I myself had started to allow work commitments and running the business start to creep into times that I would usually be looking at either continuing on a holistic approach of wellbeing, a new style of training (currently back on joint mobility and the moment, I am fascinated by movement and biomechanics) or going back through a periodised program to get me as best shape as possible. 

Allowing other priorities to interrupt your usual routine is dangerous and will ultimately end up in your gym performance being effected and you won’t get to the goal you’ve been searching for, trust me I’ve been there and you’ll end up being demotivated. 

We all have commitments and all have a social life which is always encouraged from our end here at No1 Fitness, keeping sanity in check again will help with results. However holding yourself accountable is the only way the social life doesn’t start over take your passion and emphasis on making the change you set out to achieve.

Here’s three other quick tips to get your head in the game and make sure that you join our #IamTheCompetion campaign.

Snooze you lose! Scrap tapping the snooze button and stick to the alarm time you set the night before. If you set the alarm at 6:30am to get up and train then stick to it. My tip on this is when the alarm sounds and you wake up sit upright in the bed pop your feet on the floor beside your bed and just sit there for one or two minutes. Waking up doesn’t need to be stressful or a rush. Take the time first thing to be sure you’re fully awake and ready to go!

Tomorrows Meal Choices Make Tomorrow Seem That little bit more bearable! Take time to understanding that re-fueling your body to help with repair, energy and if needed fat loss are all decisions you need to make. If you don’t like meal prepping then at the very least take time to plan where you are going to eat the following day and what potentially you may be able to eat from their to match your diet/goals.

Programs are there to be finished! Consistency, I have said it time and time again and will continue to do so. There are numerous places you can now get a gym, health and holistic program from to follow. Time and time again I see people complain about a program but on asking if they finished it the answer a lot of time is “no”. Commit to starting the program and finishing it and see how the changes come to not only your body but also your focus.

It’s time to step and pat yourself on the back, #IamMyOwnCompetition are you?

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