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Looking on my Instagram you’ll notice I recently visited New York for my birthday. It was a fantastic few days away and thank you for all the birthday messages. As it was my birthday my wonderful girlfriend had decided to surprise me and plan pretty much some sort event every day of my trip, which of course is wonderful but, as a fitness fanatic I also had to think hmmm, when am I gonna get a quick workout in?

This leads me onto today’s work out blog in which I have focussed on HIIT and how I incorporate it into travels and everyday work when time may not be on your side.

As we all know, HIIT is probably one of the most popular types of training around right now.  Am I a fan? Yes, I certainly am and incorporate HIIT workouts throughout the week, especially with having to travel a lot the last three months with clients. It’s a great way to get a maximising workout done in half the time. Generally around my other training I’m not in the gym or working out for longer than 30 minutes when I’ve programmed in a HIIT workout.

Surprisingly it may seem that spending so much time of my day in a gym means you have plenty of time to work out but my workouts, more so now than ever, need to be booked into my diary just like you working day to day.

If I am gonna do a HIIT workout it’s always going to be early morning to start the day well. So last Tuesday, whilst I was away, I decided to smash a workout after a hike (which I’ve shared below) but also put my fresh New Balance Kit to the test to see how it felt.

Here’s the workout below that I’d love you to try and please do give me your feedback,

You’ll see I am using a work ratio of 1:1 with the time spent working on each exercise as 20 seconds. So in essence 20 seconds of hard work and 20 seconds of rest.


Give this a try

Warm up and mobility – 2 minutes

20 Sec –  Pistol Squat

20 Sec –  Press Up

20 Sec – Knees to Elbows

20 Sec – Jumping Lunges.

Repeat 4 Rounds

For this workout you’ll see above I’ve looked at instead of changing direction and incorporating a 3D training approach (it’s all sagittal plane), I have changed what we call the ‘levels of height’ for the training. In essence we are going from standing, to floor, to elevated and holding body weight (I found a tree for the knees to elbows) to the final powering out of the ground with lunge jumps. This is another great way you can simply change a variable and having the difference of moving through these starting positions will also help to burn those extra calories and shred that fat.

But let’s not forget the finisher………

20 Second – Hill Sprint               40 Second Rest

6 Rounds.

I always add some sprints into my HIIT workouts, for me they are crucial to get that extra benefit of cardio and certainly will help with burning fat. Above I’ve used the hill as resistance, It’s 100% enough. If jumping onto the treadmill then hit a speed you are sprinting at, don’t stride or jog here we are looking for intensity. Work to rest ratio is 20 seconds sprint and 40 seconds rest. I would highly recommend starting on the ground first, find a park or track or even your street to sprint down first, especially if you have not jumped onto a moving treadmill. If trying this one at home and looking to move onto a moving treadmill always slow the treadmill right down to a speed you are comfortable on when going back on for your next interval, factor the time in.


To find out more about the outfit you see me wearing then check the links below.

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