New Balance Photo Shoot

Last week I headed up to East London to get into gear for some more shots for New Balance.

As you will have seen from my social media channels, I’ve had the privilege of working with New Balance on trialling the new range of sports clothing and also putting together workouts.

I am currently also working with Phil, who won the #Iamthecompetition, which meant 10 weeks work of training here with me at my City No1 Fitness location.  Look out for more information on his transformation in the next few weeks.

As you can see from the photos, it was a perfect day for the shoot and the weather was amazing. This being said, It did cross my mind that I’m gonna be running, jumping and moving around so in essence, if anyone was thinking of needing fake sweat, it wasn’t needed.

After finishing the shoot, It occurred to me that, not only had I obviously gone through some workouts with the team, I’d actually got to try the new range of clothing and trainers out, giving me a perfect chance to then give feedback to New Balance, which I thought would be also great to share with you guys. 

blog4With all good product reviews I have tried to stay as impartial as possible and, New Balance being New Balance, love that. They’re product driven and really do want the fitness fanatic to get the very best product. I also wanted to ensure that if you are going to go for any of the kit that it’s right and going to help you get back in or even kick start your training regime. I have spoken many times about how going and getting some new gym clothing can make all the difference to keep you motivated. Feeling confident in your gym attire is something I always talk to clients about when starting on either a training or mentoring programme or starting to go off course.

The day was filled with action shots which was great fun, and if you were the guy walking through the park with your black lab you probably were wondering why I was jumping around like a mad man.

Generally speaking, if I find workout gear that I feel good in I keep for it years, so this was a great chance to see if it was going to cross over from the ‘looks great walking into the gym’ to the ‘feels great working out in the gym’.   Being comfortable when you’re working out is crucial and I can honestly say the new tops that I have received to enjoy and try out have been awesome. So much so the whole No1 Fitness Team now wear the NB Ice for the guys and Accelerator  for the ladies in black. 

I am a big fan of full body flowing movements when working out. I can’t feel restricted or feel like I’m overheating so it’s gotta be able to give me air to breathe and room to move. I thought looking at the tops that they looked very fitted and maybe restrictive, so I was conscious to go for exercises with hands over head to then jumping as well to see how it felt. No one likes a tight T-shirt cropping up over your stomach, taking your mind off what really matters – the exercise. 

You will see me pictured in the M4M Seamless SS top, shorts are the 7inch print shift short.  After looking blog1at the size guide and trying a couple on, I personally have gone for tops in large when in some cases I would have gone for medium and that’s purely because my shoulders are quite wide.  The tops themselves though have great length (which is what you need) and I certainly didn’t feel like after round one I wanted to rip the top off. New Balance talk about a sweat activated cooling technology and I wanted to know more, but also see if I could prove this wrong, as it seemed very futuristic, but surprisingly it did feel cool.

I was performing squat jumps into animal flowing movements as it’s a great way to get the whole body working and hitting all energy systems.

New Balance already had me hooked on the 1080 running trainers when I’m hitting my 2,3 or 5km weekend runs and they certainly didn’t fall short with the trainers.  You will have seen me bombing up the hill in my last few posts in the the Vazee Urge which are bright and certainly get noticed however, for today’s workout, you see me in the Vazee Pace V2.

How do they feel at first putting them on? First thoughts are light and comfortable around the ankle.  I was only doing exercise in the same area so I didn’t take these out for a long run so I can’t comment on how they feel doing longer distances.

As a normal gym trainer however they did feel good and for working out I would say this would be perfect. If keen on running, as I say, I didn’t get a chance to run in them but, as mentioned earlier, I can comment and recommend the 1080 trainer.  Why?  Because the comfort from the sole is really going to help when pushing through your mileage. I was a Brooks man for years and can honestly say the 1080 now has me hooked. 

Overall the day was great fun as always, and, as you can see, the new designs, colour schemes and look of the New Balance Kit are top draw, but it’s also a big tick from me on the workout front. I don’t buy sporting clothes generally just for fashion, so ensuring they do actually hold up to every type of workout I have planned is a big, big bonus.

As always, hit me up on Instagram for messages or leave a comment below. 

To find the gear Im wearing just click below.

Trainers:  Vazee Pace V2. – Click Here

Tops:    M4M Seamless SS top – Click Here

Shorts: 7inch print shift short – Click Here

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