New Balance Photo Shoot

Last week I headed up to East London to get into gear for some more shots for New Balance.

As you will have seen from my social media channels, I’ve had the privilege of working with New Balance on trialling the new range of sports clothing and also putting together workouts.

I am currently also working with Phil, who won the #Iamthecompetition, which meant 10 weeks work of training here with me at my City No1 Fitness location.  Look out for more information on his transformation in the next few weeks.

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3 Sustainable Liftestyle Tweaks

The first question anyone ever asks me when finding out I train and look after people’s health for a living is “but how do I get rid of this last little bit” pointing at the lower abdominal region, usually grabbing as much as possible.
The answer really is that that isn’t the last little bit. Your body fat generally all over your body needs to shift and decrease to then get as lean as possible in the areas that most people see as the areas of significance.


HIIT It Hard!

Looking on my Instagram you’ll notice I recently visited New York for my birthday. It was a fantastic few days away and thank you for all the birthday messages. As it was my birthday my wonderful girlfriend had decided to surprise me and plan pretty much some sort event every day of my trip, which of course is wonderful but, as a fitness fanatic I also had to think hmmm, when am I gonna get a quick workout in?

This leads me onto today’s work out blog in which I have focussed on HIIT and how I incorporate it into travels and everyday work when time may not be on your side.

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Starting with ‘I’

Adherence, adherence and more adherence are the first and foremost important things I mention to all my clients and also trainers who work for me but there is another main point that always needs to be got across when trying to achieve any sort of healthy physical change.  It sounds straight forward I know but the strategies, coaching methods and mindsets should always be around making sure you the client, get the personal training goal you’ve paid for.

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Getting your head in the game and sticking to your goals.

I talk a lot about the aspect of getting your head right and looking at setting achievable goals to stay consistent and stay on track. 

My previous blog post of ‘5 reasons why you’re NOT keeping up with your fitness goals’ touched upon the reasons generally speaking why clients and gym goers find it hard to stick to their goals. 

Going into the summer now is a great time to step your game up and use the sunnier and warmer weather to start your days right and progress day by day to achieve the end goal.  Read more

Camara Health Concierge

What makes CHC stand out from the rest?

The number 1 wellness management and health coaching service for getting successful but time poor individuals into the best shape of their lives and keeping them their!

With a team of specialists all your day to day, week to week and year to year health and wellness needs are taken care of.

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Stress: Take Control Now

“Stress is caused by the unknown, seek out a solution and your stress will disappear”

Problems with money, relationships, work and any of other key component of your life will cause you stress, there is no doubting that.

BUT ask yourself this, what if you could process a solution straight away? What if you didn’t need to burden yourself with the problem for the rest of the day, week or year?

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Executive Health Coaching

The Executive Health Coaching model is something that I have created to incorporate all aspects of the health and lifestyle-mentoring program that I have worked on with clients for the past 6 years.

* Plan a healthy balanced diet you can stick to.
* Introduce an increase in energy levels immediately.
* Create a healthier future you can take ownership of.

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Health Mentoring For Fat Loss

What is Health Mentoring? How can Health Mentoring help you?  These are probably the most common questions I have when having initial consultations with clients looking for weight management control.

As a health and wellness coach the key question you need to ask yourself is this, why cannot I not control my weight? The answer is simple, because no one has shown you how.

Yes we have diets of what foods we can eat for a certain amount of time and yes you can join a gym and have a program given to you with numbers on a page you probably don’t really understand but has anyone actually answered the question and said, “Right, this is how you actually can take control and control your weight and your appetite whilst eating foods you actually enjoy and living a lifestyle that is comfortable for you to follow.

I have 3 simple steps that I have which all that I work with are given as a starting tool.
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