12 week Health Concierge Package

To affect real changes in not only your physical appearance but your mental mindset our 84 day program is specifically designed to transport you to a higher state of well being.

Your health and wellness all taken care of with this unique 12 week program.

This package is only available for 10 clients per quarter.

To enquire and add yourself to the waiting list email on: Info@bencamara.com

Why do we call this the Health Concierge?

Because the 12 week mentoring program is more than just some one in the gym getting you a little sweaty.

Unique Blood Profile Personalised Nutrition Plan

After your initial consultation with Ben the next stage will be to meet with one of our medical team to analyse factually what foods and nutrients you need to avoid. Blood profiling will test your blood over the course of 5-7 days ruling out any doubts on which foods we can or cannot eat.

Physical Conditioning Anywhere In The World

With only the very best conditioning coaches in London, New York and Los Angeles any traveling commitments will now have know implications  to your training program. Through systemised training software our trainers will not only carry on from where you set off on your last session you will still be progressing to the ultimate goal of fat loss, increased energy and higher well being.

Traveling somewhere else? Not to worry our team are on hand and will continue to train your through daily check ins and online training. All sessions are specifically designed to take motivation, desire and general thinking out of the equation, we take care of everything. If you are looking to work with us but cannot travel to London then you can now take advantage of our online health mentoring service. Utilising the Remote Coach app all sessions are delivered in live time, meaning the team can truly still deliver the very best results.

Psychometric Testing

We need to understand when the best time of the day is for you to train. When are you physically ready to train at your peak? When is your mind at his productive during the day?

Through the Ben Camara Health Concierge service all this is not answered by chance, but through feedback and analysis.

Client Journey with the 12 Week Intensive Program

Week 1:
Initial consultation
DNA & Blood profiling
Training Phase 1: Training for Conditioning
Nutritional Consultation: Week 1
Psychometric Testing
Personalised gym training Kit

Week 4 – 8:
Training Phase 2: Metabolic Change and Aesthetic development
Nutritional Consultations: Week 3
Blood profiling follow up

Week 8 – 12:
Training Phase 3: Define and Sculpt
Nutritional Consultations: Week 3
Finalise your health

To find out more about our Remote Coach offering please also apply.

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