Camara Health Concierge

What makes CHC stand out from the rest?

The number 1 wellness management and health coaching service for getting successful but time poor individuals into the best shape of their lives and keeping them their!

With a team of specialists all your day to day, week to week and year to year health and wellness needs are taken care of.

When you’re every day life has become more stressful we provide a breathing, meditation or Tai-Chi specialist. We may infact book you into one of our luxury spa partners.
When weight loss is required we send a trainer 4 times a week and have one of our medical staff analyse your bloods for any food sensitivities so that our in house nutritionists can review, meet you and explain the balanced nutrition plan we have tailor made for you thats easy to implement, guarantees results and more importantly ensures you keep the weight off. No more YOYO dieting!

“Ben Camara and his partners are the best in the business, I wouldn’t trust my health nor my appearance to anyone else”┬áJames Squire, Partner, City, London

Your Journey with CHC:

Phase 1: Welcome
An initial phone call will be taken to understand why you feel CHC can help you create better wellness. We can’t help everyone, we ask for 100% co-operation and dedication to working with our hand picked team of specialists.

Phase 2: Questionnaires
Phase 2 is all about crucial information we need to ascertain. Your mind maybe telling you you are in one place whilst your body maybe telling a difference story. Your stress both bodily and mentally along with nutritional and weight management capabilities will all be scored through our system. From there your journey will begin with one of our practitioners. Not all clients need an initial blood test to analyse at what state the body is in nor do we recommend health coaching for self awareness to battle anxiety and stress to everyone, everything is tailored to your needs. These will change.

Phase 3: The journey begins
Having a healthy body will emphasise a healthier brain function and thus better decision making. We always recommend sending a trainer whether it be in Pilates, Tai-Chi, Enhanced Cardio or strength training coach for atleast 3 times per week for the first 12 weeks. This may be enhanced to 4x per week within the first 3-4 weeks how ever our aim is progression not over training.

Phase 4: Live feedback
CHC track everything from food, sleep to daily activity. All feedback is taken and fed back to you ‘the client’ every 2 weeks being as specific as “Please remove red meat and ginger from your daily diet for the next 5 days”.

Having this constant feedback has ensured our clients look younger, feel better and go on in their every day life knowing they are at there optimum and performing at their best.

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