Health Mentoring For Fat Loss

What is Health Mentoring? How can Health Mentoring help you?  These are probably the most common questions I have when having initial consultations with clients looking for weight management control.

As a health and wellness coach the key question you need to ask yourself is this, why cannot I not control my weight? The answer is simple, because no one has shown you how.

Yes we have diets of what foods we can eat for a certain amount of time and yes you can join a gym and have a program given to you with numbers on a page you probably don’t really understand but has anyone actually answered the question and said, “Right, this is how you actually can take control and control your weight and your appetite whilst eating foods you actually enjoy and living a lifestyle that is comfortable for you to follow.

I have 3 simple steps that I have which all that I work with are given as a starting tool.
Please do try this for the rest of the day….

You are faced with Caroline’s birthcake which is my favourite. Because I am good I never go and buy the cake meaning I haven’t had it for agesss and a little slither won’t harm the hips, will it?

Answer three questions and decide the answer

Step 1 – Self Awareness:
Will this piece of cake make me drowsy all afternoon as I have lots of work that needs to be in?

Step 2 – Physical Awareness:
I haven’t had any of that cake up until now BUT has my eating the last couple of days been on track all around?

Step 3 – How is my conscientious?
Am I happy that the above is all ticked and I wont feel guilty?

IF YES – Then enjoy the cake and enjoy it stress free.

Three simple questions that you can do for all things that you are un-sure about.

Health coaching can help you take back that control and gain the healthy body and lifestyle you want to achieve.

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