Executive Health Coaching

The Executive Health Coaching model is something that I have created to incorporate all aspects of the health and lifestyle-mentoring program that I have worked on with clients for the past 6 years.

* Plan a healthy balanced diet you can stick to.
* Introduce an increase in energy levels immediately.
* Create a healthier future you can take ownership of.

Your ‘performance’ in your workplace is usually very easy to judge, and the majority of the time is done on numbers and statistics that you have reviewed by a level of management above you on the corporate ladder.  (Don’t understand what this sentence means – do you mean the work is on numbers and statistics which is then reviewed by a level of management above you? Or do you mean that the performance is judged by numbers and statistics etc.etc?  I think you need to make it clearer)

In a recent study I held with city workers, over 55% of workers in the capital felt they did not have time to leave the office for a proper lunch break.

What does this mean? Quick easy, highly processed food,  that can be bought in record time to get back to the office and back to work.

Ever need a chocolate or maybe coffee around 3 or 4pm? Ever find some afternoons you’re just not on point with getting the work done?

What If you could increase your attention by just 10%, what would that do to your work load? What if you could actually flip things around and have from 12 o’clock until late evening as the peak energy time for you throughout the day, feeling like you could run through walls and get any amount of work done.

Adding Executive Health Coaching to your life will enable you to create these changes and give you the energy, motivation and toolset to progress and perform at the highest level.

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